Kaspia's Caravan 2015

Thank you everyone who visited the fabulous KASPIA’S CARAVAN POP-UP

We are now closed at The Yellow House, but you never know where we’ll be popping up again next. So stay tuned! Or, I should say, ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’!

Kaspia’s Caravan is an exotic world of handcrafted treasures gathered over many years spent traversing the Far East. You too can bring the romance of distant outposts to your home with Kaspia’s interiors, including a superb selection of Afghan tribal rugs, Himalayan furniture, village home wares, unique gypsy fashions, textiles and the rarest jewels of the Nile. In true nomadic style you will have to keep your eyes on the horizon to catch sight of Kaspia’s caravan on it’s way to your corner of the desert soon.

In the meantime, follow Kaspia’s fabulous journeys as she tracks down long-lost treasure and high jinx.

Want to see the world through Kaspia’s eyes? Follow her on PINTEREST.


8 thoughts on “CARAVAN

  1. so nice meeting you today. See you tomorrow for autographed book.
    Q. can I hang Indian wall hanging outside?
    49.5 degs on the road today

  2. Hi kaspia. I met you a week ago sat arvo. I want to purchase one of your rugs. I have lost your contact details.

    Nicola (from brisbane). You will hear from my husband jimmy who will be organising rug for my bday. Xx

    • Hi Nicola! Oh I remember you SO great you got in touch. I hope you like this rug review. I will be in the shop from Wed-Sun this week, hope that works! Let me know roughly when. Shop can be contacted on 0424576382 also to check if I’m in. If not, Kath will be working and she knows a great deal about the Afghan and Iranian rugs also! We have some beauties in right now. See you and Happy Birthday in advance! :) KASPIA

  3. Kaspia, saw your beautiful things on Pia’s blog. I love the beautiful little purses/bags listed at $25 and $35 —- but am in the USA. Is there any way I can purchase one or two of these and have you ship them to my sister in Portland, Oregon???? Love the things you have….. could make me immigrate! Leslie Bacon,

  4. A little confused. What is the connection between Kaspias caravan and Afghan interiors. Just checking that I have actually been there

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