Home is the place where the life starts and ends. After a tiring day, nothing feels more pleasing and comfortable than coming back to a well furnished and decorated home. Here comes the importance of interior designing. Interior designing is an art of space planning with different colors, designs, and most importantly space-saving tricks to make your home a comfortable and nicely designed space to live in.  In the 21st century, interior design has become a fashion and every year brings new trends and themes for decorating homes.

The exciting trends of 2017 include the nature-inspired bright colors with some chic trends and some deeper dark shades for wall decorations. The natural theme of home decoration utilizes jute rugs, organic ceramics, linen tablecloths, woven lampshades, and wall textures with color ranges of off-whites, grays and soft creams giving a pleasant touch of all natural elements. Green is also a strong color in the interior designing trends of 2017. Many interior designers for wall colors and rugs while decorating homes are using lime green to emerald shades.

For kitchen designs and baths marble and brass, as kitchen renovations Melbourne, a combination is adding an aesthetic value to the interior designs in 2017. White marbles with hard and stylish brass give a very natural and clean look to the kitchen and bath. Ancient Asian and African geometrics are also back in the interior designs of 2017 with a little touch of modernization that creates an eye-catching effect. Simple lines, basket weave designs, herringbone, and triangles all can give a subtle look to the home décor of 2017 as these designs do not date with time and are ever appealing. Similarly, the artisan crafted antique furniture is also a strong element of interior designs of 2017. Plain sofa with new tropical printed pillows boasts the trendy look. When it comes to selecting colors, 2017 is the year of all neutrals including blush pink, whites, pale grays, beiges, and camel colors.  Plant life is also adding a beautiful decorative element to the natural theme of interior design 2017.

Summer themes had fiddle leaf fig plants and winter theme has the options of fringed fern palms, big leaf banana trees and little succulents in the baths. A well-balanced choice between colors and accessories along with the complete details of space and living styles make the home perfectly decorated and improves the way of living of the inhabitants. Interior design is not about choosing colors and deliberately creating focal points but it focuses on transforming the dull space into a strongest possible soothing combination to relieve your tension after a hectic routine.

Perfect interior designs also have an important role in the functionality of the space as with a right design a tiny home can be changed into a cozy and well-decorated place with enough space to breathe fresh while a poor design can transform a big house into a constrained place with extra accessories and furniture added needlessly. So while planning your home décor with the latest trends of 2017 do not forget to hire an experienced interior designer.



Natural calfskin is well-known for its softness and suppleness. These qualities make it the preferred material for making high quality shoes. Natural calfskin jackets and other clothing are very popular because of the softness of calfskin. This softness can be attributed to the fact this material is sourced from young animals. As you may know, young animals have flexible and thin skins and these are the qualities that make natural calfskin products the preferred option among those who are looking for quality.


Velvety texture

Natural calfskin has a texture that is very velvety, and in addition, this kind of leather is also very durable. Even when it is used in harsh weather conditions, natural calfskin maintains its quality and will not degrade. The truth is natural calfskin may not be very good at insulation and it is also not very weather-resistant, but the fact remains it is the toughest material and it also has the ability withstand abrasions better than other leather. 

Everybody’s favorite

Calfskin jackets and gloves are everybody’s favorites. People who wear calfskin jackets and leather can come into contact with rough surfaces without the leather degrading. Also, natural calfskin gloves and jackets are able to handle tough environments better than other leathers. When you choose a pair of shoes made from calfskin, you will be amazed at how well the shoes retain their softness. Compared to other soft materials, natural calfskin shoes remain soft for much longer even when the shoes are worn daily.

An expensive option

Of course, natural calfskin items do cost a fair amount of money and so, it should not surprise you to learn that this material is widely used in the making of luxury goods. Natural calfskin is the preferred material for manufacturers of clothing and luxury furnishing as well as shoes. 

Easy to care for

The nice thing about choosing natural calfskin is it is a material that is easy to care for. You can polish it but you do need to be very gentle when polishing the calfskin. Also, when polishing this material, you need to use only cleaning agents that are very delicate and the brushing should be done in a very light manner.


Soft and smooth

Natural calfskin is produced from calf hide and is immensely soft and smooth. These are qualities that make this leather very regal and sophisticated. Women in particular choose natural calfskin when wanting a handbag that does not need to be very structured or precise. This leather has an exterior that is very tough and in addition, it is also very durable and tough. The nice thing about natural calfskin is its ability to hold its shape for many years. so, if you are looking for a leather that is ragged and classic, then natural calfskin is definitely the material for you.

The bottom line is natural calfskin is popular because it is a very high-quality leather that is classic and vintage at the same time. It is one of the more popular leathers and because its exterior is so soft and smooth, it has become one of the most sought-after leathers in the world.


Whether for the long-term purposes or a temporary one, working from home can be a blessing for some. But for those productive norms, the home office needs to have that professional touch to it. So, you have to work hard and create a place at home, which helps you to feel comfortable and stay focused for longer working hours. These 14 tips might sort out your answer.

An area to create a home office:

Always choose a productive area of your place to create a home office, where you will be comfortable to stay for long. For spacious homes, consider dedicating a complete room.

Draw a floor plan:

Just like any other layout, you have to draw a plan for your home office beforehand. Here, you have to optimize movements, which are needed to go from one element to another.

Get a view:

Instead of a wall facing office, place your working desk in front of the window. You definitely need a view while working.

Lighting help:

To avoid eyestrain, the lightning needs to be perfect. You have to place enough lights without dazzling the brightness of the screen.

Using the vertical storage space:

Finding enough room for a home office is hard. So, try organizing storage units vertically and horizontally to make out of space more.

Adding a bit of nature:

Adding plants to an office environment makes the people happier and helps in boosting productivity level. So, try being surrounded by nature.

Maintain privacy:

Working from home comes with a lot of disturbances. So, make sure to create a home office with absolute privacy.

Avoid wire spaghetti:

You have to create a clean office environment. So, wires strangling and dangling from various corners of the room is not welcomed.

Keep a platform meeting-ready:

Your home office needs to be kept ready for any immediate or emergency guest meeting. So, you should add seating for clients.

Treat it right:

You have to sit on your home office chair for a long time, as you re working from home. So, ensure to have a comfortable chair for the same.

A comfy space:

Create a comfortable space so that you don’t always have to be static while working.

Create a homely vibe:

Avoid turning a home office into a grayish cubicle. Add that homely feel to it.


Be very colorful and yourself while trying to decorate your office. It helps in uplifting work mood and enhances great results.

It is challenging to design a house. So, you should try more than once unless you get proper results.


An office in today’s modern society is arguably the center where organisational activities are executed. For workers who spend the most of their day at a desk in an organisation, having a organised office can improve client’s impression about the workplace and ultimately add to the employee’s experience at work. A lot of things can give an office a professional appearance. This ranges from the inclusion of ergonomic chairs to use of improved lighting and more efficient organisational system. Embracing such an idea can impact how you and your team perform and feel at the end of the day.

As stated in a report published by Ergonomics Plus, the adoption of ergonomic features in your organization has lots of benefits – improved work quality, a better employee and enhanced productivity. An improved office setting will also minimize your cost and ultimately improve your revenue. This is because employees are more responsive and productive in an organized office setting.

Eleven members of the Forbes Finance Council shared one spectacular changes they employed to their office environment and how it has helped their team achieve great results.

An Open Concept for Better Communication

We migrated to a large office space, which permitted our members to access more space and a large conference room where we could all meet. This has enhanced an increased sense of teamwork among the members of our staff. It inspires more conversation and collaboration on problem-solving with large projects. – Robin Hall, VARC Solutions

Healthy Habits And Reusable Products

Through the adoption of standing desks in our office, we were able to reduce the wear and tear issues we experience on our bodies when sitting. We also promoted a healthy habit in our office by eating healthy snacks and taking filtered water. Such an act has been keeping us from consuming junks. And, we use only recycled or reusable products, as a reminder that everything can come full circle. – Ibrahim AlHusseini, The Husseini Group.

A More Flexible Space

We relocated from a 2,000-square-foot office to a 16-person office in a co-working facility. Our concerns about securing enough space made us underestimate the unforeseen merits of the common areas. Securing access to several conference rooms/common areas of about 200 seats is amazing. Beyond that, we now have better kitchens, casual dining areas, game rooms, and a coffee shop. – Matthew May, Acuity

Standing Desks for Improved Client Calls

We initially set up the adjustable standing desks to improve circulation and enable our team members to stretch their legs and backs easily. As time goes on, we also noticed that the standing desk also improve our staff conversation with clients over the phone. Standing projects their voice over the phone and conveys confidence better than a seated position. – Stacy Francis, Francis Financial, Inc.

The Dream Wall

We decided to paint one of our office wall with chalkboard paint and allocated space for our team members to add their dreams. Because the wall was near the entrance, it creates a reminder for our staff to work harder to accomplish their dreams. It has been great for productivity because of so much of what they do daily impacts each person’s dreams. – Shane Hurley, RedFynn Technologies

 Shared Space To Foster Creative Innovation

I’ve noticed that the best innovative results come from cross-team collaboration. To encourage this, I’ve set up shared work areas where teams have the chance to speak and collaborate beyond the water cooler. – Elle Kaplan, LexION Capital

A Clean, Paperless, Cubeless Office

Staff running out of office at closing hours and leaving a paper trail from the week’s work, along with the remnants of their lunch is a common phenomenon. A paperless mandate and a multiple screen environment give the office a modern and clean appearance.

Placing logos in common areas and removing the huge cubical workspaces in favor of shared desks build a high-energy environment and positive team spirit. – Perry D’Alessio, D’Alessio Tocci & Pell, LLP

Modified Cubicles

Research reveals that open-plan offices have bad influences on organizational productivity. As a result, we had to consider a modified version of our cubicle. Such an idea has helped our team members gain some visual privacy. Also, a well-appointed reception for clients will positively contribute to the professional environment. – Ismael Wrixen, FE International

A Vision Statement in Plain View

I placed the company’s vision statement in our hallway. It was written in big bold letters and go thus, “We see families in our community experiencing hope and living legacies.” – Darryl Lyons, PAX Financial Group LLC

An Inviting Kitchen Area

Friend assembling in the kitchen of our homes is a common phenomenon. A similar trend is obtainable in the office. I’m much familiar with an adviser whose kitchen is the first thing you see when you enter their mid-sized office.

Finished like a high-end home, it is inviting and sets their business apart. Just think of the problems that can be solved over a cup of coffee. – Paul Ewing, Prosperity Advisory Group

High-Tech Air Purifiers

We are mostly busy in the fall when colds and flu are much rampant. My team decided to invest in several of the highest quality Swiss air purifiers. We shopped for them and installed those purifiers around the office.

Clean-smelling air wasn’t only achieved, the spread of germs was minimized as well. As a result, fewer people are out sick. The purifiers have helped with allergies, as well. – Danielle Kunkle, Boomer Benefits