Kaspia's styles hotel room

If you’re following Kaspia, chances are you already appreciate and understand the importance of seeking beauty.

Hunting beauty is something I’ve always done, be it aesthetic beauty, or beauty in words, sounds and actions. A particular interest of mine is the beautification of my immediate environment. Even when I travel, unless I’m lucky enough to be invited somewhere like an Indian heritage hotel, I style almost every place I stay in. At least a little. The smallest touches can make a cold, strange location feel as warm and inviting as home. Even if you choose a tent or trailer park cabin, there is always potential to customize your environment. I never stop admiring the wonderous natural beauty of this world. And I try the best I can, as all of us should,  to imitate this beauty wherever I go.

In this gallery I share some of places and events I have styled. Hope you enjoy the journey!

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