Why Natural Calfskin Is A Preferred Option


Natural calfskin is well-known for its softness and suppleness. These qualities make it the preferred material for making high quality shoes. Natural calfskin jackets and other clothing are very popular because of the softness of calfskin. This softness can be attributed to the fact this material is sourced from young animals. As you may know, young animals have flexible and thin skins and these are the qualities that make natural calfskin products the preferred option among those who are looking for quality.


Velvety texture

Natural calfskin has a texture that is very velvety, and in addition, this kind of leather is also very durable. Even when it is used in harsh weather conditions, natural calfskin maintains its quality and will not degrade. The truth is natural calfskin may not be very good at insulation and it is also not very weather-resistant, but the fact remains it is the toughest material and it also has the ability withstand abrasions better than other leather. 

Everybody’s favorite

Calfskin jackets and gloves are everybody’s favorites. People who wear calfskin jackets and leather can come into contact with rough surfaces without the leather degrading. Also, natural calfskin gloves and jackets are able to handle tough environments better than other leathers. When you choose a pair of shoes made from calfskin, you will be amazed at how well the shoes retain their softness. Compared to other soft materials, natural calfskin shoes remain soft for much longer even when the shoes are worn daily.

An expensive option

Of course, natural calfskin items do cost a fair amount of money and so, it should not surprise you to learn that this material is widely used in the making of luxury goods. Natural calfskin is the preferred material for manufacturers of clothing and luxury furnishing as well as shoes. 

Easy to care for

The nice thing about choosing natural calfskin is it is a material that is easy to care for. You can polish it but you do need to be very gentle when polishing the calfskin. Also, when polishing this material, you need to use only cleaning agents that are very delicate and the brushing should be done in a very light manner.


Soft and smooth

Natural calfskin is produced from calf hide and is immensely soft and smooth. These are qualities that make this leather very regal and sophisticated. Women in particular choose natural calfskin when wanting a handbag that does not need to be very structured or precise. This leather has an exterior that is very tough and in addition, it is also very durable and tough. The nice thing about natural calfskin is its ability to hold its shape for many years. so, if you are looking for a leather that is ragged and classic, then natural calfskin is definitely the material for you.

The bottom line is natural calfskin is popular because it is a very high-quality leather that is classic and vintage at the same time. It is one of the more popular leathers and because its exterior is so soft and smooth, it has become one of the most sought-after leathers in the world.

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